Hosted Application Services

Your business applications and data are now available to you anytime, anywhere!

ACT has built its remote deployment strategy around the Citrix Xen family of products, including XenApp, XenServer and XenDesktop. These solutions allow you to deploy applications and even single desktops from a centrally managed server or load-balanced server “farm”. Applications and application changes are immediately accessible to all your users both in the office and at remote locations. Application server hosting is the ideal access solution whether used for offsite connectivity, remote satellite offices or as the primary application deployment strategy for all of your corporate users.


Applications can be deployed to the local desktop using Citrix’s “seamless” technology. To the end-user, the application icon appears on the local desktop exactly as it would for any locally installed application. The “magic” occurs when the user clicks on the icon! The application launches and connects to the hosted Citrix server completely behind the scenes. From the end-user’s perspective, the application simply runs.


Citrix Xen remote access can be deployed in several device specific configurations. The standard PC desktop or laptop can make use of the Citrix Xen client to connect to the application server. Thin client diskless workstation devices can also be a great option for organizations (or even single users with specifically identified roles), completely eliminating the need to purchase, configure and maintain a desktop PC for every employee. There is also a Citrix Receiver app for the Apple IOS, available to connect users to Citrix Xen published applications using the iPad and even the iPhone!


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