Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

How much would disruption of your I.T. infrastructure materially affect the operation of your business?  As with all things, you have to balance “Risk” vs. “Cost”.  You might be able to tolerate a short period of time without various parts of your network.  Alternatively, you might have the type of business where even a few minutes of downtime could adversely affect the bottom line.  Where do you fit into this picture?  Where is your greatest risk?  Equipment?  Software? The Internet? All of these?  All good Disaster Recovery plans begin with good backups. 


From there we can explore with you other possibilities around such topics as proactive system monitoring, redundancy, virtual image recovery, hot/warm sites, and physical procedures for dealing with technology outages.  ACT will work with you to help identify your critical business systems and provide potential solutions to meet your Business Continuity needs.